Outdoor safety shower in outdoor workplaces

The importance of outdoor safety showers in outdoor workplaces

  • 2023-11

Outdoor safety showers play a crucial role in ensuring your well-being, especially in professions that involve outdoor activities. In a variety of professional settings, outdoor safety showers stand as critical elements in safeguarding individuals’ well-being. These emergency decontamination systems are indispensable in workplaces where outdoor hazards and accidents are a daily concern. While we often associate outdoor activities with picturesque landscapes and thrilling adventures, we must also acknowledge the potential for emergencies in the wilderness or working in outdoor professions and prioritise outdoor safety. In this article, we will explore the importance of outdoor safety showers, their parts, their proper use, and why they are essential.

Components of an outdoor safety shower

To understand the importance of an outdoor safety shower, it is essential to know their components and how they work. A typical outdoor safety shower system includes the following key elements:

Shower head
The shower head is designed to provide a continuous flow of water over the entire body. It must have a wide spray pattern to ensure thorough washing. These shower heads are designed specifically to wash out every bit of chemical or harmful substance from all over the body.

Eyewash station
Eyewash stations are an important part of outdoor safety showers. It consists of one or more nozzles that emit a gentle stream of water to wash the eyes in case of exposure to harmful substances. Eye wash stations are used to irrigate eyes with water to flush them and keep employees safe from hazards that may enter the eyes.Combination safety showers and eyewash help flush both the eyes and the body at once making it a highly protective option.

Activation mechanism
Outdoor safety showers should be easy to activate, even if a person is in distress. The trigger mechanism can be a pull chain, push plate or foot pedal, designed for quick and intimate use.The first 10 seconds after exposure to a toxic substance are critical. You should implement a regular inspection and maintenance program. Weekly activation is an important step in maintaining your eyewash stations and safety showers. Enable is just another way of saying “turn it on.”

Water supply
A reliable water supply is essential to ensure the effectiveness of an outdoor safety shower. In some cases, portable outdoor showers may have a built-in water tank, while others rely on a connected water source.The flow rate of a safety shower must meet the need for sufficient water flow to completely rinse the affected area. The shower requires a minimum flow of 20 gallons per minute.

Drainage system
Proper drainage systems ensure that contaminated water is safely disposed of, preventing environmental damage. However, there are two water problems you should address which are getting water for your outdoor safety shower and wastewater. Outdoor showers typically do not need complicated drainage systems, especially if they are located far from the house or if the natural tendency of the soil to direct water away from the structure of the house .

Signs and visibility
Clear sigs and visibility are essential to ensure a safe outdoor shower so that they would be helpful in an emergency. Emergency shower station signs not only ensure safety in your facility, but they also help you comply with regulations and protect you from heavy fines. They have panels for floors, walls, ceilings and other surfaces. These are general safety signs normally in white and green colour.

How are the showers maintained

1. Weekly activations must be performed and recorded to ensure that the outdoor safety shower is working properly and is useful to everyone without any problem. All equipment must be visually inspected and activated at least once a week to ensure proper operation, clear pipes of scale buildup, and to verify that the water is clear because their cleanliness matters the most.

2. Shower heads, nozzles and diffusers should all be kept clean to prevent the buildup of debris/bacteria. If you have electrical equipment, it needs to be visually inspected regularly for damage.

3. If one of your outdoor safety showers is temporarily out of service, consider renting a unit while it’s being serviced.

What does a an outdoor safety shower cost?

The cost of purchasing and installing an outdoor safety shower can range from around $250 to several thousand dollars. The cost varies from place to place and the difference in quality will of course also matter. So, it might be more expensive at some companies than others, which is completely normal in a competitive market.

The importance of safety showers in outdoor workplaces

A safety shower is essential to minimize the effects of exposure to contaminants, especially skin and eye burns from corrosive liquids, abrasive dusts or polluting gases, among other common hazards. Other variables in industrial and mining activities, outdoor safety showers, commonly known as emergency showers or eyewash stations, play an important role in ensuring the health of those participating in outdoor activities, especially in remote environments that are sticky or dangerous. Here are some reasons why these safety showers are necessary:

Decontamination – Outdoor activities can sometimes expose participants to chemicals, allergens or hazardous materials. In such cases, immediate decontamination is important to minimise potential damage. An outdoor safety shower is a quick and effective way to remove any harmful substances.

Protect eyes – In outdoor environments, eyes are easily damaged by foreign objects, dust and irritants. Outdoor safety showers with eyewash stations can quickly remove particles and chemicals that may come into contact with the eyes.Out of all other parts of the body eyes are the most sensitive one and are to be cleaned immediately after exposure to any harmful substance.

Burns and scalds – Outdoor activities such as camping and cooking can lead to accidental burns or scalds. An outdoor safety shower can provide immediate relief by cooling the affected area, preventing further damage.

First aid – In remote areas where medical assistance is not available, an outdoor safety shower can serve as a basic first aid tool. This can help stabilise the wound until appropriate medical care arrives. Safety showers are first aid technical equipment used in laboratories and manufacturing plants. They are used to give first aid to people in case of accidents when people are exposed to hazards such as acids, alkalis, heat, flames and pollution. After using the emergency shower, the accident victim must undergo a medical examination.

OSHA - Outdoor safety shower
OSHA and safety showers
Legal obligations

Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) is a federal government agency in the United States responsible for these safety showers.

OSHA’s requirements for eyewash stations and emergency showers are outlined in 29 CFR 1910.151(c), which states that “where the eyes or body of any person may come into contact with corrosive materials that may harmful, suitable facilities for rapid immersion or rinsing of the eyes and body shall be provided.” provided in the work area for immediate use in case of emergency.OSHA’ s outdoor safety shower requirements are:

  • Safety shower location
  • Safety shower visibility
  • Water must be tempered
  • Product stability
  • Maintenance
In short

Outdoor safety showers are an integral part of safety measures in various outdoor environments. They are lifesavers in emergency situations, providing immediate decontamination and first aid. Understanding these components, their proper use and the versatility of their applications is important for anyone who goes outdoors and works in hazardous environments. By prioritising safe outdoor showering, we can significantly reduce risks and ensure a safer outdoor experience for everyone. Remember, it’s not just natural beauty; it stays safe there too. Whether in an industrial environment, laboratory or recreational area, these shower heads can go a long way in avoiding injuries and minimising the severity of accidents in the workplace. Proper installation, regular maintenance and employee training are essential to ensure the effectiveness of the outdoor safety shower. Whether you are a hiker, an industrial worker or a scientist, outdoor showers play an important role in protecting your health.